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Our Sports

Paperwork (medical and consent) has to be current up to date. An athlete cannot be at practices or competitions/ tournaments unless all paperwork is current up to date.  Emails will be sent four times a year (January, April, July, and October) indicating which paperwork must be completed for which


We will send an email 1 month before the first day of practice for an up and coming sport.  Please respond within 1 week letting us

know if your athlete will be joining us.  If we don't hear from you by the deadline, we'll assume your athlete won't be joining us and we

will not include them on our roster.  We will place the deadline on our email.  Please be considerate of the deadline since we have to

plan space, coaches and unified partners. 

Our delegation cannot provide 1-1 support.  Parents and caregivers must provide.

One on one assistants at competitions and tournaments need to be a level one registered coach.

Coming to practices and not competing is fine and welcome.  

Our seasons are as follows:

Winter- Poly Hockey

Spring- Basketball, Swimming, Track and Field

Summer- Golf, Bocce Ball, Flag Football

Fall- Bowling

We have an athlete fee per sports season. This fee will be reduced or waived if an athlete fundraises. 

For example, if an athlete fundraises Jan-Dec (2022) Their fees for (2023) will be reduced or waived. We will review the amount of athletes fee periodically.   Currently the fees are $20 for Winter and Spring and Summer seasons and $30 for Fall.



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