Without fundraising, we can't have a delegation!

Every athlete regardless of their delegation and number of sports they participate in must participate in at least one fundraiser annually

(January through December) and raise a minimum dollar amount. If you are unable to participate in a fundraiser, you have the option of

contributing the minimum dollar amount or arranging for a donation.  Our team cannot run and function without fundraisers!

Here are our some of our fundraisers:



We are starting a new raffle fundraiser, and I am very excited to be able to help out.  We are selling Raffle tickets for 5.00 each, and 100% of the proceeds will go to our Wild West team. We are asking that each team member and or family sell a minimum of 10 tickets each.  This will help defray the cost of the fees for the activities that the athlete is in.


We will distribute the tickets to each person who is interested in selling, and record the ticket number.  Please do not take more tickets than you think you can sell. If you need more, I can always get you more.  Any unsold tickets must be returned to me.  I must also return the unsold tickets and money for the tickets by August 31st.  


The drawing is September 14th, the prizes for the raffle are as follows:


1st place:  $5,000 Visa gift card


2nd place: $1,000 Visa gift card


3rd place: $500 


4th place:  Apple watch series 2


5th place:  Beats headphones


So, let's get ready, I think that we can make this a great fundraiser for our Special Olympics team!




Amy Pepper


Dylan Wirries Mom