Al's Pals

Al's Pals ( is a great site for friends and family of Al Melchert to show support.

The go fund me page is set up to assist Kim and Al with medical bills that have already begun accumulating and to ease their mind and help pay the day to day expenses that need to be paid while they are in Rochester. The goal is for Kim and the kids to be able to focus on Al and their family.

Al and Kim have been married for 28 years and they have 2 kids. Kory is 23 and Abby is 21. Al has worked for the City of Waconia for 31 years and is one of the nicest and most gentle and funny people you will ever meet. He has a smile that is impossible to ignore. We have seen him cheer people up, donate his own PTO to others when they have been ill and do whatever needs to be done to help out at work or for his friends and family.

The Melcherts need many prayers as they try to find a Dr who will perform the surgery needed to buy Al some more time with his family and to give him relief from the pain he is experiencing. To this day, Al is still going to work and working as much as he can each day. Kim is working her normal shifts at Target in Waconia and has been taking Al to Dr. appointments too. Please help us ease the minds of the Melcherts, so that they can focus on helping Al extend his time with his family, friends and coworkers who he loves so very much.

There is also a meal page for Kim and Al on Take Them a Meal. You can go to their page by clicking this link:

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